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GameStop Memes Presale is Live


Are you a first-time buyer of crypto tokens? Not to worry, we’ve put together a guide on how to set up a personal wallet and buy $GSM tokens right here. Our presale is being hosted on our website, so all you need is a browser-based or mobile app wallet.

There are many wallets to choose from in crypto and you are encouraged to do your own research, but we recommend using MetaMask or Trust Wallet to store, send, and receive crypto. These are two of the most widely used and trusted brands in the industry.

GameStop Memes


Select your device type to learn how to install and purchase.

GameStop Memes

Laptop & PC

GameStop Memes

Mobile Devices

1. Get the MetaMask browser extension

MetaMask is a self-custody wallet that only you control. Visit the ​MetaMask website and install the extension for your preferred browser. The most common are Chrome and Firefox.

2. Create your new wallet

After installing MetaMask, click on 'Create a Wallet’. Your wallet is a public key comprising randomly generated numbers and letters. This is your identifier on the blockchain, like a bank account number for your crypto.

3. Set a password for your wallet

Next, create a password to login to your wallet. Choose a secure password with letters, numbers, and special characters. Try to use a different password to your others.

4. Save and write down recovery phrase

Before you do anything else, write down your 12-word recovery phrase on a piece of paper and keep it in the safest place possible. Don’t store it on the same device you use to access your wallet! You’ll need this recovery phrase if you ever lose access to your wallet.

5. Use the Ethereum or BNB Chain network

By default, MetaMask is set to transact on the Ethereum network. You can purchase GameStop Memes ($GSM) using ETH as soon as you buy or send some ETH to your MetaMask public address. ETH is needed to pay for gas fees for every transaction.

If you wish to buy $GSM tokens using BNB, read this guide on how to add the BNB Chain network to your MetaMask wallet. BNB serves the same purpose as ETH and is needed to pay for gas on the BNB Chain.

6. Import $GSM to MetaMask

After buying $GSM tokens, you can see how much you’ll be able to claim on the website’s home page. After the presale, once claiming is activated, you’ll be able to claim your $GSM tokens to the same MetaMask wallet address you used to contribute.


You can buy the GameStop Memes token using the Ethereum network or BNB Chain. The guide below is the same for both chains.

step 1

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ to start the purchase process.

step 2

Simply connect with MetaMask or choose Wallet Connect, which supports a number of other wallets. MetaMask is tried and tested on desktop. Trust Wallet works well on mobile phones.

step 3

$GSM tokens can be purchased using ETH, BNB, or USDT. Select either the Ethereum or BNB Smart Chain network in your wallet. Then choose the corresponding tab to use your preferred currency.


Common answers to questions about GameStop Memes ($GSM) can be found below.

What are the $GSM token details?

$GSM is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). The token contract address is 0xe7584C670BC5bb9F661DF3bA02Abb50b0612B2AA

Please do not send any funds to this token contract address, as they cannot be recovered.

$GSM can currently only be purchased through the official presale.

What is GameStop Memes?

GameStop Memes is the tokenization of the retail movement against Wall Street’s orchestrated monopoly of financial markets.

Why the GameStop Memes token?

As one of the biggest communities in crypto with some of the highest social engagement, the $GSM token aims to legitimise loyal supporters of the movement.

When is the launch of $GSM?

$GSM has not released the date yet for its official launch into the market. We have only 1 presale stage and once completed we will go live to the market.

How will I receive my $GSM tokens?

The team behind GameStop Memes is deciding between either a claiming process or airdrop. This will be communicated to the community at a much closer date to launch.

How do I contact support?

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or join our telegram community.